Best Friends

by Lost Avenue

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Four Track EP by Irish Post-Punkers "Lost Avenue"


released April 15, 2017

Four track EP will be available for digital download on April 15th, "Stop it, jack" available for immediate download with pre-order from April 5th.

CDEP available to buy from the Rustys Rekords Bigcartel from April 15th.

Best Friends Tour 2017
April - 7th Top Of The Town, Omagh
April - 8th Diceys, Strabane
April - 14th Mchughs, Belfast
April - 17th Chelsea Inn, Bristol
April - 18th Bar Bloc, Glasgow
April - 19th Actress and Bishop, Birmingham
April - 20th The Sitwell Tavern, Derby
April - 22nd Brixton Windmill, London
April - 23rd Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
April - 29th The Nerve Centre, Derry

Lost Avenue are:
Lost Avenue Are:
Dylan Bradley - Guitar
Dualta Lewington - Bass
Michael Brown - Drums

All lyrics by Dylan Bradley
All Songs by Lost Avenue

Produced By Lost Avenue and Caolan Austin

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed By Caolan Austin At Small Town America Studios

Mastered By Dan Coutant At Sun Room Audio, USA

Artwork By Aiden Deery

Photography By Gareth Lamrock

Watch The Video To "Best Friends" Here:

Rustys Rekords 2017
Slops Records 2017



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Track Name: Stop it, Jack
Did you hear me yesterday,
I tried my best to explain,
What I've been going through.

Welcome to death con one v one six four,
I did read this cool book about nothing and more,
I've been trying for years and I've tried to ignore,
I don't think that I can do this anymore.

But it's cool,
I'm not breaking any rules,
I'm not stepping out of place,
I don't intend to embrace,
I won't tell you to your face.

Everybody at the party asked if we were friends,
I suggested putting music on and trying to make amends,
For all the dirty dirty tricks and all the nasty things we said,
I think if I shut my mouth then maybe you could talk instead.

But I said it's cool.
Track Name: Embarrassing Myself
She looked away as I was trying to talk,
Make conversation about something I forgot,
But I was cool with it.

A piece of heaven in a dim lit bar,
Another word we'll stay for one more hour,
Tried not to let it slip,
Not had a better trip.

Standing there and she was calling me and I was trying not to ask,
Not any good at taking hints you know,
Am I embarassing myself?

I'm so waiting,
So procrastinating,
I am obviously bored of everybody.
You're so buzzing,
Overly loving,
I know,
You just adore.
Oh sweety tell me is it getting good?
Not looking for you,
Maybe love or just a friend, best friends, a means to an end,
I guess for now I'll have to do,
If you want me to.

Let me down,
Let me go,
I'm not sitting in the corner im not staring at my phone while you try,
Every way,
To impress him,
He's worthless,
You do not deserve this,
Can I say?

If you want me to,
I'd do anything for you,
I never knew it but I could,
It's not as if i ever should.
I know that I'm not good enough.
Please never tell me that you're giving up.
I never thought that I could ever trust you again.
Track Name: I'm A Vegetarian (I Can't Eat That)
I am talking to you not using my words, but you're pretty smart, so I guess that you'll probably pick it up,
With eyes and clothes and likes and shows that I invite you to and try my best to never mess it up,
When you're around am I letting you down or impressing with my sort of funny jokes or my consuming of a drink,
That I bought but I don't like but it's alright it's the least I can do I swear I really can't think,

Of a time when I closed my eyes and you weren't standing there,
You can't be serious when you tell me not to care,
I'm pretty sure that you know what I mean so don't make me say it again,
I'm asking you, to let me in.

Sweety sweety I'm concealing but you know it anyway,
What you got I'll never get don't ever throw it all away,
I want to love you, want to love you, want to love you the same,
I can't throw it but won't show it, so you can not complain.

Oh now here this is confusing me,
I do not understand what you clearly see,
Is it arrogance? Is it naivety?
You are loving this.
Stop talking to me!
Track Name: Best Friends
Caught you,
So sweet,
Staring at the wall through the TV.
Overly pretty and better than him.
I know,
It's true,
Loved you.
If I,
Can stay,
I will,
Not break.

I don't care what the people say,
As long as you stare at me I'm okay,
Once or twice would you let me through,
I want you to know that I need you,
But I need everybody else too.

Last night,
I said,
While I was awake by myself in my bed,
That I,
Could call,
Is it worth peace if I'm risking it all?
What we,
Have now,
I've been,
Real down.
Can't talk,
You stay,
I'll walk!

I don't care what the people say,
Aslong as you stare at me I'm ok,
Once or twice would you let me through,
I want you to know that I need you.
I've done this before I can't do it again,
I'm numb to the bone over losing my friend,
I got it for you but don't pay no heed,
I'll take it back where I'm meant to be,
At least I'll always have my dreams.

Watch the Video For Best Friends here: